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Network Cabling

Designing and Connecting Network

SinghIT provides network cabling services to its clients. This will include installing and configuring the physical infrastructure for the customer’s network, including choosing the right type of cable, running the cables in the building and terminating them with connectors. The work may also include setting up networks and routers to facilitate communication between devices and provide Internet access.

The purpose of the network cable service will be to create reliable and efficient network infrastructure for customers that meet their specific needs. SinghIT’s network cabling service would be designed to ensure that clients’ networks are capable of meeting their business needs, such as high-speed data transfer, VoIP, video conferencing and other network-intensive applications.

  • Special Team of Network Installers

    Special Team of Network Installers

  • Fully Compliant Network Cabling Solutions

    Fully Compliant Network Cabling Solutions

  • Ensuring Longer Life of Cabling

    Ensuring Longer Life of Cabling

  • Maintenance of Existing Cabling

    Maintenance of Existing Cabling

  • Patching the System when Required

    Patching the System when Required

network cabling

What We Offer

Robust IT Foundation

We have all experienced frustration from when the internet slows down and we start having outages at work. The sluggish speed and downtime of network latency does not only affect productivity but also creates potential safety concerns and risks. It is necessary to have an effective and strong system so as to protect sensitive information and ensure that operations continue without interruptions.

Superior Data Cabling

They are well experienced technicians who will understand your business nature and develop superior bespoke data cabling solutions for you. This means that they have to make sure the infrastructure is able to support the present needs as well as future growth serving as a reliable base for your operations.

How Our Network Cabling Services Benefit Your Business

Structured Network Cabling

Through structured cabling, our IT environment is simplified by a well-organized and structured cabling system. This approach has improved the manageability and scalability of your systems. It makes it easier for future expansions as well as technological upgrades.


Support Business Needs

We have designs that suit the unique requirements of your business through our diverse cabling solutions. Our cable infrastructure is not only efficient but also effective in meeting your specific operational needs such as high-speed data transfer, VoIP, video conferencing among others.


Almost Zero Downtime

It is one of the most crucial when comes to any business. With our cabling and installations, we guarantee almost zero downtime. It is very important for the business operations to run without interruptions that can impact the productivity and ultimately revenue generation.

Improved Security

Securing data and IT assets means an advanced security taken into account by our network cabling services offered. Overall data security is enhanced by making sure that there is secure physical infrastructure with no potential threats on the network hence protecting vulnerabilities towards possible attacks on your network.

Industries We Serve

SinghIT is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.







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